Re: [PARPORT] Super Disk, pf, Netwinder, kernel 2.2.13

Dave Smith (
Sat, 05 Feb 2000 12:31:16 -0800 wrote:

> On 05-Feb-2000 Dave Smith wrote:
> >> --whenever it says device or resource busy it is ready to go , then insmod
> >> it
> >> and if it gives you 5 lines of code ( I can't remember what it is) all the
> >> same it is ready to go for sure, you don't need to see anything on the
> >> boot-up, just try it and it will go for you.
> Well, it's not that simple, since the pf module won't load at all, so it
> doesn't work...And no, it doesn't give me 5 lines of codes (though it used to,
> on my previous boot...)
> Patrix.
> The ppp imm modules don't have to load before boot-up to run, and are you
> usig an imm.o module, if you have RH 6.1 it has these two modules in it all
> you hav to do is put "alais parport_lowlevel parport_pc in the conf.modules
> file and check to see that both of the above mentioned modules are there and
> if you have 2.2.12 they will surely be there if you put them in at install.
> Make sure that you have a file make for it in

       'mnt" . One more thing, make sure you have plug and play turned off in
the bios on irq 7 and if you have sound, make sure it is using irq 5 . These
things should do the trick "rots of ruck"


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