[PARPORT] SIIG parallel port card interrupts

Richard Stover (richard@ucolick.org)
Mon, 07 Feb 2000 16:07:35 -0800

I'm using a SIIG Inc. Cyberparallel Dual parallel port card in
a special laboratory application. I'm writing a special device driver
for Linux (2.2.12-20, Redhat 6.1). The card seems to be working OK.
I've done programmed I/O in ECP mode. However, even though interrupts
are enabled on the card and I see the service interrupt bit change
from 0 to 1 at the correct time, indicating an interrupt should occur,
in fact I never see any interrupt. I checked in the linux
do_8259A_IRQ() routine but no interrupt is seen. The interrupt number
and its handler do seem to be properly registered. They show up as
expected in /proc/interrupts. The interrupt number agrees with the
number reported at boot time by the BIOS.

I'd sure like to find those missing interrupts.
I would be happy to hear suggestions for things to check.



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