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Gene Heskett (
17 Feb 2000 20:38:41 -0500

Gene Heskett sends Greetings to Ken Smith;

>Forgive me if this is just downright dumb. Is it possible to create a
>software SCSI card implementation? What I have is an MO drive that
>came with a DB25 SCSI <-> high density 50 pin SCSI cable. It is not
>an active cable as it was purchased to operate with a Macintosh
>PowerPC 4400's 25pin SCSI port. Is there any hope of plugging the
>thing in to a PC's parallel port and emulating SCSI with software?

With the hardware limitations inherent in the parallel port, as in not
enough control lines, I'd think that its not possible without some sort
of translator hardware in the middle.

It would also be slower than a real scsi port.

Cheers, Gene

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