Re: [PARPORT] ORB troubles

From: Jonas Linde (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 09:55:31 EST

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    And spoke unto the world. And said:
    > I have a Dell XPS R350 with SuSE 6 installed. I followed the instructions
    > about getting the ORB working, read the news postings and archives, but...
    > still fail. I am a newbie so be gentle with me?

    > below is a typescript of the commands and the dmesg. I am unsure what may be
    > interferring. The ORB works fine under windows. All help greatly
    > appreciated.

    It may be that you don't have the dependencies in your conf.modules, and
    that you have to insmod everything in the right order:

      insmod parport
      insmod parport_pc
      insmod paride
      insmod on26
      insmod pd

    Normally you will NOT have to specify any ioport for the pd module as it
    is supposed to autoprobe for it.

    The above modules can all be loaded automagically with the correct
    incantations in /etc/conf.modules and /etc/auto.master if you have both
    kmod- and autofs-support in the kernel (IIRC you should have that, if you
    have a standard SuSE 6.x kernel).

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