Re: [PARPORT] unsupported scsi driver

From: Karl-Max Wagner (
Date: Sat Mar 04 2000 - 18:29:24 EST

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    > (this was the last thing the installer tried to do). So, I tried insmod
    > loop.o manually and got the error
    > loop.o compiled for kernel version 2.2.5-15 BOOT while this version is
    > 2.2.5-14 BOOT.

    Hey WHAT ????? What do you want with the loop device ? For doing
    an ordinary install there is definitely no need for it.

    > well, I also tried manually running lilo to set the kernel boot, but could
    > not get that to work either.

    Go into the lilo dir, start QuickInst and follow the directions.
    After that, edit /etc/lilo.conf and eliminate the line with
    "compact" in it. Also check whether the partition where the lilo
    bootcode resides is bootable ( use fdisk ).

    If the computer behaves funnily during boot add a line "option
    linear" in the lilo.conf. This forces LBA mode. Some HDD
    controllers need that ( rare ).

    > So, I bought a SCSI ORB drive thinking the additional space and improved
    > interface would solve all my problems (I did not do enough research on
    > the ORB before my impulse buying, being a scsi device, I expected it
    > to just work with a standard scsi kernel and no additional drivers). I

    Well, at least you need the appropriate driver for your SCSI

    > scsi Host Adapter Adaptec AIC-6360 Family adapter - port 340h
    > channels: 1
    > targets: 8
    > IO port: 340h
    > IO len: 32
    > IRQ: 11
    > ISA DMA: -1

    Usual 6360 data....

    > OK, I tried to insmod aha152x.o but only got the message
    > device or resource is busy

    Is it already compiled into your kernel ? Anyway, better use
    modprobe aha152x.o.

    > Any ideas why? Do I need to specify the io port and irq (and how)? If I

    Depends on the adapter. See drivers/scsi/aha152x.c for details
    of how to pass arguments to the driver ( contains nice doc at
    its beginning ).

    > I know the zip drive uses id 6 and the adapter should use id 7. Last

    The zipdrive needs the ppa driver. Passing parameters is not

    > night I tried the aha152x with zipslack (slackware linux under 100mb) with
    > the orb drive id 0 and id 4 (could also be 5 or 6).

    Did it work ?

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