[PARPORT] bit OT:general question on twain

From: Christoph Hintermüller (hinzge@sbox.tu-graz.ac.at)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 07:36:31 EST

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    I know its a bit off topic, but i do have a question about twain compatibility:
    a) i do have two statement on a scanner and its twain compatibility
         -the one on the Hompage of the manufacturer which says taht the driver is
         -the one i got from the local support, where i was told that the scanner is

            twain-compatibel so each twin driver could be used to gain results
         so my question is what schoud i rather believe: the first --> seeking
         device wich is supported explecitly by (linux-sane,.....) or
         the second satement --> bying it and beeing happy with it???
    b) to solve a i looked on the wain page allready but i didn't find any
         ecplicitly telling wether a device itselve must understand twain without a
         driver, or if it is ony necessary that the driver it selve provides the
    wain interface
         and the device is controlled by a completely different command language.
         you tell me about it or at least where to read about it???
    c) if there is a better place for getting answers to the above question. Don't
         them just tell where to post or mail it to get the desired answers!!!!
    Christopher Hintermüller

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