[PARPORT] Clean IEEE1284 termination

From: Greg Nelson (ghn@qtmsys.com)
Date: Mon Mar 06 2000 - 12:31:11 EST

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    I want to check something simple here (I'm working with kernel

    parport_ieee1284_terminate seems to be the only place where the
    handshaking is done to return the port to compatibility mode. (Good.)

    parport_negotiate seems to be the only place
    parport_ieee1284_terminate is called.

    My best understanding is that closing the port leads to calls to
    pp_release, parport_release (if claimed), and
    parport_unregister_device (if pdev non-NULL). I can't find anything
    that would guarantee, at the kernel level, that the port is cleanly
    returned to compatibility mode when the port is closed.

    Does this have to be done at the application level, by renegotiating
    compatibility mode or something like that?

    Greg Nelson

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