Re: [PARPORT] Problems with PP SparQ on Thinkpad 390E

From: Johannes Martin (
Date: Wed Mar 08 2000 - 23:05:16 EST

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    On Wed, 8 Mar 2000 wrote:
    > > pda: do_pd_read: status = 0x4051 = ERR SEEK READY UNC
    > UNC is an uncorrectable ECC error (reported by the hardware). Most likely
    > the media is bad.
    Thanks for the info. Indeed it seems like one of the media is bad, I can
    now reproduce this error by running e2fsck on that disk, the error occurs
    at the same block every time.

    This still leaves one problem open: why does the sparq drive refuse to do
    anything at all (except for ejecting the cartridge) once such an error has
    been encountered?

    With the disk I am currently using (the one that fails the e2fsck), the
    first error message usually looks like:
            pda: do_pd_read_drq: status = 0x14051 = ERR SEEK READY UNC TMO
    The drive keeps making noises as if it was seeking, until I remove and
    reload the pd module. Interestingly the pd modules seems to be able to
    reset the drive, so I can use it again (previously, I had to power down
    the drive before it would work again).

    Any help would be appreciated

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