[PARPORT] Saying goodbye ... :-(

From: grant@torque.net
Date: Thu Mar 09 2000 - 18:36:46 EST

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    When, back in 1995, I started work on the original PPA driver, I had
    a lot of 'slack time' in my professional life. Since last summer, however,
    I've had almost no time to think about the PARIDE and ppSCSI suites that
    grew out of that original work.

    I've also been unable to attend to the maintenance of the parport web
    site at torque.net, or the linux-parport mailing list.

    I had hoped that my professional committments would ease up again and allow
    me to do more Linux related work, but it is now clear that this is not
    going to happen.

    The purpose of this note is to ask for help disposing of some of my
    parport-related responsibilities.

    The linux-parport mailing list and the parport web site need a new keeper.

    I'm also going to be closing the business operations of torque.net - but I
    think we can continue to provide hosting for the mailing list and
    web pages, providing that someone is willing to take care of them.

    Any volunteers ?

    Grant R. Guenther grant@torque.net

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