Re: [PARPORT] LS-120

Date: Fri Mar 10 2000 - 06:44:58 EST

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    > Does anyone out there know if I can take a format script for a 1.44 and
    > change the numbers and make a LS-120 format program out of it, hope to
    > hear from someone. Thanx

    My information may no longer be current, but it used to be the case that
    LS120 drives were not physically capable of formatting media. This
    was certainly true of the original Matsushita drives.

    If the capability is now present - it would be accessed through the
    SCSI format command via the ATAPI interface. For a PARIDE device, this
    would have to be done with a special program that accesses the drive
    through the 'pg' interface.

    Grant R. Guenther

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