[PARPORT] problem with a redhat install with a 486 dx2 75 8mo Ram

From: llescuyer (llescuyer@wanadoo.fr)
Date: Mon Mar 13 2000 - 09:32:32 EST

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    I'm new on this list, and a little newbie in linux system. But, i'm trying to install RedHat 6.0 with the boot.img of tyhis url :
    After i've selected individually the desired packages , for my 420 Mo Disk, i click "done". But the problem is that at this
    stage, the install find the // cdrom , and crashed !! with this message :

     install abnormally exited -- recieved signal 9
    sending termination sigal ...done
    sending kill sugnal ...done
    unmountig filesystems ....elements | <space> selects | <F12> next screen
    you may safely reboot your system

    Well, i'm very suprised !! ;-((
    Anybody could explain me what happened ?

    Laurent Lescuyer
    16 rue du vieux château
    60260 Lamorlaye
    Tel-Fax 03-44-21-07-04
    Port. : 06-60-57-56-00


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