Re: [PARPORT] It there a generic Parallel Port Sniffer

From: Grahame M. Kelly (
Date: Sat Mar 18 2000 - 03:00:26 EST

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    On Sat, 18 Mar 2000, Urban Widmark wrote:
    > > Any assistance appreciated.
    > Ok ... I'm not sure I understand how you run the application and how
    > things are connected. The idea below isn't that clever and it isn't a
    > ready made solution but it does fall in the "any" category you mention :)
    > There is a really neat thing called ppdev in the 2.3 kernels
    > (CONFIG_PPDEV, under character devices). It gives a userspace program
    > (almost?) complete control over the parallel port. That way you can write
    > a simple driver without having to put it in the kernel, but you still get
    > help from the parport driver with finding the parallel port and things
    > like EPP if the system supports that.
    > To "sniff" I guess you want to continously read the state of all lines and
    > log that.

    Thanks everyone that responded. We are looking into all the methods
    mentioned. Another interesting one emailed to me was to use RTLinux to
    monitor each of the parallel lines, specifically monitoring the
    strobe and directional status lines, log them all to file, and build
    filters to read the file and build a map of the Win98<->device

    Cheers, Grahame

    SLUG (Sydney Linux User Group)

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