[PARPORT] Currently available (and supported) parallel CD-Writers

From: Greg Sylvain (gsylvain@mindspring.com)
Date: Sun Apr 09 2000 - 16:18:20 EDT

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    I'm wondering if someone can point me to or otherwise give me a list of
    the currently available and supported CD-Writers which work under the
    PARIDE sub-systems under linux 2.2x ? By supported, I mean a device
    condiguration which will allow me to create cds.

    Looking through the docs, all I see is HP 7200e but I can't find that
    drive anymore (I assume it's no longer in production.) So I bought (and
    returned) a MicroSolutions BackPack CD-rewriter+. I couldn't get
    cdrecord to work with the backpack.o MicroSolutions supplied module and
    the Paride pg.o module configuration. (reading was easy, but I couldn't
    figure out the proper module/device configuration which would allow me
    to write cds under Linux.)

    I have a older IDE-P166 which doesn't have a USB. For portability
    reasons, I have to use an external drive. I currently use a Parallel
    port based Zip 100 Plus with no problem.

     Any assitance would be appreaciated.


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