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Date: Mon Apr 10 2000 - 04:57:13 EDT

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    On Sun, 9 Apr 2000, Samuel Ace Winchenbach wrote:

    > Ok, I am sorry to keep bugging everyone on this... but I have no idea
    > how to use programming help in linux. 'struct parport *' is that
    > located in the <linux/parport.h> file also? parport_pc_frob_econtrol
    > requires this struct so I am just trying to figure out how to
    > initialize, declare and use it. I went to the web sites mentioned and
    > did not see much on this function. Sorry once again to keep this issue
    > going.

    A struct parport represents a parallel port. The parport system keeps a
    list of parallel ports that are in the system. In 2.2.x, use
    parport_enumerate to get a pointer to the first one in the list. Each
    struct parport has a next member, which points to the next one in the
    list, or is NULL if there are no more.

    I would take a look at some examples if you're not sure -- lp.c is quite


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