Re: [PARPORT] Shuttle EPAT chip c8: supported, but how?

Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 15:29:15 EDT

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    Ah.... right. I knew that just not at the same time as I was writing the
    memo. Oops. Ok, so it's not my hardware being suddenly blessed or
    something. That's good... I guess.

    Anyhoo, where'd you get the c8 manual from? Shuttletech appears to have
    been bought by sccm or something.


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                        04/11/00 Subject: Re: [PARPORT] Shuttle EPAT chip c8:
                        02:06 PM supported, but how?

    > In the last few months it's been generally established that the Shuttle
    > epat c8 (and possibly c7) chip isn't supported by the current epat.c. Or
    > I thought. The epat c8 is used in the newer, faster SuperDisk drives and
    > far as I know it's never worked correctly with the current driver. Last
    > night, using a stock 2.2.13 kernel the drive worked flawlessly and I'm
    > baffled about why it works now when epat.c is dated to 1998.
    > Any clues? I'll be able to post some data from dmesg, my kernel config
    > /etc/modules.conf later. In the mean time, I'm still baffled.

    (No I'm not back :-( but I thought I should help ...)

    I'll bet that you had used the EPAT under another OS prior to trying it.
    The newer EPAT has a configuration register that has to be programmed to
    enable the correct output pins.

    Unfortunately, without a wiring schematic, or tracing a DOS driver,
    I wasn't able to find the correct way to wiggle the lines.

    The actual data protocols haven't changed, there's just some additional
    initialisation - and having the C8 manual didn't really help.

    I didn't have any DOS drivers that worked with the C8 so I couldn't
    try the "good old way".

    Good luck.

    Grant R. Guenther

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