[PARPORT] Shuttle EPAT chip c8: supported, but how?

From: jjore@imation.com
Date: Tue Apr 11 2000 - 14:48:59 EDT

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    In the last few months it's been generally established that the Shuttle
    epat c8 (and possibly c7) chip isn't supported by the current epat.c. Or so
    I thought. The epat c8 is used in the newer, faster SuperDisk drives and as
    far as I know it's never worked correctly with the current driver. Last
    night, using a stock 2.2.13 kernel the drive worked flawlessly and I'm
    baffled about why it works now when epat.c is dated to 1998.

    Any clues? I'll be able to post some data from dmesg, my kernel config and
    /etc/modules.conf later. In the mean time, I'm still baffled.

    Joshua Jore
    (Not speaking for my employer)

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