[PARPORT] Orb drive - transfer rate

From: Soulier, Frederic P (Frederic.P.Soulier@BritishAirways.com)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 05:25:38 EDT

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    I am using an Orb drive (// port) with the following configuration:
            - Motherboard SuperMicro PIIIDME (i840 chipset)
            (// port used is the one on the motherboard)
            - SMP (x2 PIII)
            - Mandrake 7.0 (kernel 2.2.14)

    The transfer rate seems to be very slow (note: under windows the orb tools indicate
    a 146Kb/s transfer rate) and during a transfer (around 300Mb from
    the Orb to the HD) it is almost impossible to work under X as the mouse pointer as
    erratic behaviour.

    - Does somebody has an idea of the transfer rate that can be achieved with this drive?
    - Any cure for the mouse pointer?

    Any clue much appreciated.


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