Re: [PARPORT] Orb drive - transfer rate

From: Soulier, Frederic P (
Date: Tue Apr 18 2000 - 04:10:35 EDT

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    Tried changing the settings in the Bios to EPP (now recognized as EPP-32)
    Need to test it further under linux but a quick look at the Orb tools
    under windows showed a 845Kb/s transfer rate now instead of 146Kb/s.
    Have not play with the poll time in the driver just yet.

    >On 12 Apr 2000, Soulier, Frederic P wrote:

    >> The transfer rate seems to be very slow (note: under windows the orb
    >> tools indicate a 146Kb/s transfer rate) and during a transfer (around
    >> 300Mb from the Orb to the HD) it is almost impossible to work under X
    >> as the mouse pointer as erratic behaviour.

    >Experiment with different parallel port modes in your BIOS
    >settings. Linux doesn't force modes you haven't set up; Windows
    >potentially might.

    >The sluggishness is due to the driver polling for long amounts of
    >time. Smoe drivers have a 'nice' parameter to adjust the poll time.


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