[PARPORT] Logitech pagescan stuff

From: Alain le Sage (a.le.sage@hccnet.nl)
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 17:22:05 EDT

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    I noticed that there still isn't a driver for the Logitech pagescan
    parallel around, because Logitech refuses
    to release information on their scanner.
    Well, since I almost never use my scanner, I took it apart, and found
    the following components:

    -the scanner contains two boards and a huge motor/light sensitive part
    -the main board contains the following chipset (text from chip):
       6K13 Japan
    -the board has the following info:
       2393870 - 1 B
       B5N3106 PWB (1)
    -the baby board contains this chip:
    -the babyboard sais:
    the two boards are connected through wires (no flatcables)
    -the motor sais this:
       1.8 deg/step 5.2 OHMs
       No. 17860 G.

    Maybe this is usefull for someone...

    With kind regards,

    Alain le Sage

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