Re: [PARPORT] ppdev and EPP mode

From: Vince Weaver (
Date: Wed Apr 12 2000 - 19:00:22 EDT

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    OK, spent another few hours in the lab, and finally got things working

    > I think it might be for the same reason. Could you give this patch a
    > try and let me know if it works for you?

    It still doesn't detect it.. I have to force it to use ECPEPP mode...

    The first time parport_EPP_supported() is called, it fails in the
        "Check for Intel Bug" part.
    So, then parport_ECPEPP_supported() is called. It enables ECPEPP
       and calls parport_EPP_supported, which again fails for the
       "Check for Intel Bug" part.

    I am not sure what the intel bug is. If I comment that code out, things
    aren't right either because then my port is detected as EPP the first time
    around, and then things won't work.

    about the rest... I have to add a


    immediately before each

        parport_pc_write_control (port, 0x04);

    I added or things won't work.

    With this change, plus the "0x24" in front of reads, and now everything
    works perfectly...


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