[PARPORT] Parport backpack CDRW install

From: krausek (krausek@my-deja.com)
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 10:02:58 EDT

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    I'm trying to install the latest drivers for the microsolutions backpack CD rewriter (external - model #190130) and would appreciate any assistance.
     I'm running Caldera OpenLinux (eDesktop 2.4) which has the 2.2.14 kernel. I have the CDRW connected to the parallel port (EPP) and a Zip100 daisy chained to the CDRW. The CDRW works fine under windows 98 and I've got the Zip drive working under Linux. I've determined that my CDRW model has an updated chipset (1.6?) that will not work with the existing bpck.o module and I need to load the backpack.o module I downloaded from Micro-solution's website. This module was compiled with kernel 2.2.12-20
     I have the parport and paride drivers sucessfully loaded and have rmmod the bpck.o module (epat and kbic are still loaded). When I attempt to insmod -f backpack.o I receive errors for undefined symbols: kfree, kmalloc, printk and __const_udelay and the module doesn't load (obviously).
     Am I missing other required modules, or am I SOL unless and until Micro-solutions releases a driver for 2.2.14? I've seen a few other postings around the Linux world regarding this device, but no solution to my particular problem yet. I'd be more than happy to act as a guinea pig to solve this problem if someone can give me some suggestions on things to try.
     - Kevin

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