[PARPORT] Parallel ZIP-100 (ppa) driver crashing under kernel 2.2.14

From: Dr. Peter Cherriman (pjc@ecs.soton.ac.uk)
Date: Mon May 15 2000 - 08:42:33 EDT

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    I just upgraded my motherboard (VIA MPV3 + K6-II-3D-500Mhz), and I can't get
    my parallel port ZIP-100 drive to work in linux, it works in DOS.

    If I use my old kernel 2.0.34 with ppa version 1.42, after loading ppa, I get
    a message about scsi bus resetting, and never finishes reseting the bus.

    If I use kernel 2.2.14 the machine crashes (kernel panic) after loading the
    ppa module, when an attempt is made to access /dev/sda, with something about
    "Ieee, Interupt handler.....in swapper process, no sync".

    I have tried different bios settings for the parallel port, but it is always
    the same.

    I think I saw some chips on the motherboard with "winbond" written on them,
    and so I guess I may have a winbond chipset parallel port, which from the
    archives has caused problems.

    1) Does this sound familiar to anyone, is this a typical problem of a winbond

    2) Is there a kernel patch for a 2.2.x kernel, or is one about to released in
    as 2.2.16?

    3) I see that some winbond detection was added to parport in kernel 2.3.46,
    will this fix the problem, and if so is there a parport patch for 2.2.x

    Many thanks.

    Peter Cherriman       

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