[PARPORT] parport_ax on Ultra 1 [kernel 2.2.14]

From: Marco Colombo (marco@esi.it)
Date: Tue May 16 2000 - 14:40:03 EDT

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    If I'm posting to the wrong list please let me know.

    I'm trying to load the lp module on an Ultra 1 running RedHat Linux 6.1
    (kernel is RedHat's 2.2.14-12 from 6.2 updates, but the behaviour wa just
    the same with a 2.2.12-42 kernel). What I get is:

    # modprobe -v lp
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/parport.o
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/lp.o
                    /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/lp.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

    # dmesg
    lp: no devices found

    RedHat installation put the following line in /etc/conf.modules:

    # fgrep parport /etc/conf.modules
    alias parport_lowlevel parport_ax

    which seems correct to me (similar to what I do on a PC).
    When I try to load parport_ax manually:

    # modprobe -v parport_ax
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/parport.o
    /sbin/insmod -L /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/parport_ax.o
                    /lib/modules/2.2.14-12/misc/parport_ax.o: init_module: Device or resource busy

    # dmesg

    I've search many list archives, read Documentation/parport.txt, but I'm
    still clueless.


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