[PARPORT] HP 5100C parallel scanner

From: Stephen Inkpen (sinkpen@roadrunner.nf.net)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 01:52:14 EDT

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    I'm a little confused with getting the HP5100C parallel port scanner to work.
    I've got all the kernel patches installed and now I guess I need a parallel ->
    scsi adapter. The only problem is that it seems that these adapters are to
    connect a scsi device to a computer's parallel port. Do I just connect the
    cable the opposite way? Also, the parallel connection on the cable is the
    wrong gender.... just use a regular gender changer?

    Also, where can I pick up an adapter? I am looking for the adapter that uses
    the Shuttle EPST interface. Also, I'm in Canada.....

    Please send a cc to my email address also... thanks

    Stephen Inkpen

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