[PARPORT] Primax Parallel Scanner

From: ricardo marcelo da silva (ricardom@acd.ufrj.br)
Date: Fri Jun 02 2000 - 18:07:47 EDT

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    Hi Parporters,
            I'm sending a information...

            I'm a Brazilian user of LinuxOS and acquire a TCE Parallel Scanner
    on the past, now that I'm left the WindozeWorld I don't know what I do
    with my scanner ... alias didn't known, cause I found the FCC Id to may
    S440/30bits TCE Scanner, and found with this that this is a Primax
    Scanner, and now, I'm calling all users of this Scanner to visit the


                    Ricardo Marcelo.

    Ricardo Marcelo da Silva
    Diretor Geral - Rio40Graus Meteorologia
    Tel.: +5521 598-9467
    Fax.: +5521 598-9404
    e-mail: ricardom@acd.ufrj.br
    Home-Page: acd.ufrj.br/~rio40g

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