[PARPORT] RH 6.1/6.2 bootdisk for Backpack Bantam

From: Jan Just Keijser (janjust@cisco.com)
Date: Thu Jun 08 2000 - 17:33:24 EDT

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    Hi all,

    Some time ago I was given a MicroSolutions BackPack Bantam Series 6
    parallel port CD-ROM (model 181150); the open-source bpck.o driver did
    not recognize this beast, but you can download the drivers from
    MicroSolutions' web site. Unfortunately, this did not allow you to
    install a box using just a floppy and a Bantam parallel port drive....
    But.... I think I have finally finished it:
    a bootdisk that will install RH 6.2 (and most likely also 6.1) from a
    Backpack Bantam parallel port Series 6 CD-ROM drive.

    This is a heavily modified startup disk that has a mini libc.so on it
    and a bash shell script to manually load the Bantam drivers; this shell
    script then transfers control to the CD's anaconda script. It uses a
    regular 2.2.12-20 kernel (not the BOOT variant), since the backpack
    driver has been linked against this kernel, but it also works with a RH
    6.2 CD-ROM (thank you, RedHat, for introducing /etc/lang-table and
    breaking the install when using a RH 6.1 boot disk :-)

    What is missing on this disk:
    - regular loader code (i.e. hardware probing, network loading, PCMCIA
    stuff, etc)
    There is some space available on the disk to include and load other
    drivers, however.

    I have tested this disk against a box with IDE drives only.

    For me this solves a big problem, hopefully it will be useful for some
    other poor schmuck out there... Where can I upload this file (I don't
    have a publicly visisble web page, I'm afraid)


    Unix Software Engineer
    Cisco Systems Inc
    Waltham, MA

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