[PARPORT] Re: ftape with Trakker parallel port

From: Tony Laszlo (laszlo@gol.com)
Date: Tue Jun 13 2000 - 13:40:10 EDT

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    > > The machine is an IBM Aptiva 486 running a 2.2.9 kernel .
    > Errrrrk, screeeeeeech, crash! Tony, PLEASE download either 2.2.14, or
    > 2.2.16 and install a new kernel. 2.2.9 is, to put it mildly, a problem
    > kernel.

    I didn't realize it was so bad.
    I will update soon, then.
    Just hope nothing breaks.

    > This appears all correct. But you're not getting IRQ recognition. Are
    > you sure that the hardware setting in your system BIOS has the parallel
    > port running in EPP mode? ALso, please make certain that lp.o is not
    > loaded.

    lp is available but not inserted.
    I set the BIOS to "EPP bi-directional" (that's the
    only EPP setting that was available).
    cat /proc/parport/hardware shows: SPP, PS2, EPP .

    > You could also try:
    > echo 7 > /proc/parport/0/irq
    > before you insmod the ftape modules and see if that forces the IRQ to be
    > recognized.

    tried that, but no go.
    starting to get frustrated now.

    * Would some using a Trakker 250 or similar tape drive
    please check their /usr/src/ftape-xxx/MCONFIG and see
    if the lines for Trakker are the same as these?

                    -DCONFIG_FT_PAR_$(TRAKKER_DEV)=1 \


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