[PARPORT] ECP mode in 2.2.14 kernel?

From: Dave Strauss (dstrauss@wavemark.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 12:37:40 EDT

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    I'm trying to find out if the parallel port code in the 2.2.14 kernel
    supports ECP mode. As far as I can tell from reading the sources it
    doesn't, but I wanted to verify that this is the case. If it *does*
    support ECP, how do I get it to happen? If not, is there any way
    I can add patches to add ECP support? What are the plans for adding
    ECP support in future kernels?

    For reference, the machines we're talking about are dual-boot (Linux
    and Windows 98) which are connected via the parallel port to laser
    printers (basically HP 4050 equivalents). We develop the embedded
    firmware for the printers and would like to test the ECP target end
    from Linux rather than from Windows as we currently do. And just in
    case anyone is interested, we see peak sustained data rates on our
    printers of about 450 Kbytes/sec using ECP mode transfers and somewhat
    less that 100 Kbytes/sec using compatibility mode transfers.


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