Re: [PARPORT] ECP mode in 2.2.14 kernel?

From: Tim Waugh (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 13:30:08 EDT

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    On Thu, Jun 15, 2000 at 01:10:27PM -0400, Dave Strauss wrote:

    > I don't understand the significance of "doesn't use hardware ECP
    > assistance". What sort of assistance are you referring to? DMA?

    "ECP mode" in your BIOS settings.

    There are two ways of doing ECP: doing the protocol using the three
    'normal' registers (status, data, control), and getting the hardware
    to do it for you (switch to ECP mode, write the data out to the ECP

    2.2 doesn't do either of these.

    The ppdev patch for 2.2 will do the former (which will be slower).

    2.4 will do both.


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