[PARPORT] Question about adding a second parrell port.

From: John Morey (jmorey@tbi.com)
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 15:18:23 EDT

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    I have a box running RedHat-6.2 that I need to add a second parrell
    port to but it does not have any ISA slots. I have tried adding
    a SIIG CyberParallel PCI card but I have been unable to get it to
    work. The device not configured error that I got when cating a file
    to /dev/lp1 went away but now the cat command just hangs and nothing
    prints. Should the SIIG card be able to work with RedHat-6.2? If it
    should be able to work is there a document that would help me set it
    up? If it just will not work what are my other options to get a
    second parrell port on a box that does not have any ISA slots.

    Thanks for any info or help,

    John Morey

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