RE: [PARPORT] (OT) zip - samba problems

From: Rodd Snook (
Date: Fri Jun 16 2000 - 05:45:58 EDT

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    On 16 June 2000 06:42 William Clements <> said
    > Hi,
    > I'm currently running linux kernel 2.2.12. I want to mount a
    > zip drive and access (rw) the drive from a Win 98 client throught
    > Samba. Currently, I have two 100 MB zip drives and a printer installed
    > on two parallel ports.
    > Every thing seems to load fine, and I can read and write to the disks
    > from linux, but don't seem to be able to write to them from Windows,
    > although I can read from them. (Samba is configured correctly and works
    > for every other occasion). (This actually seems more like a NFS
    > problem then a ppa problem.)
    > Ok, in fstab I've specified (rw) for the devices, (sda4 and sdb4), and
    > the mode (mode=0666). But once the devices are mounted the directory
    > permissions don't reflect this but more along the lines of (0755).
    > chmod -c 0666 as root reports success, but the directory permissions
    > don't actually change, verfied by 'ls'. Any ideas?

    What are the permissions of the devices themselves (/dev/sd{a,b}4)
    and the mount points? If the device is not writable then the permissions on
    the files are irrelevant.

    What I normally do is create a group for each removable device (RedHat might
    do this by default) and chgrp the device to that group and give it 0775 or
    0770 permissions. If the filesystem on the device does not support
    (i.e. FAT/VFAT) then I specify something like "uid=0,gid=<whatever>,user" in
    the fstab. That way anyone in the right group can mount and access the

    If you set up samba to grant access to the share to members of the group,
    then force disk access with theat gid like so:
            force group = +zip
            valid users = +zip
    then you should be smiling.


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