[PARPORT] Microtek Parallel port camera

From: steven.griffiths (steven.griffiths@iname.com)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 07:13:11 EDT

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    -not sure if my email sent this or not so sending it again:

    I posted to this list several months ago with the intention of writing a
    driver. The dialog between me and microtek went like this:

    please provide some specs etc. to camera

    We do not have the information you require over here (in Microtek Europe),
    but I will ask our headquarters in Taiwan if they can provide this

    Hey I haven't heard anything for ages, whats going on guys?

    Taiwan has informed us that they are not allowed to give out the source code
    of the drivers.

    The contact I had at Microtek was Bert Bakker (mailto:bbakker@Microtek.nl)
    If someone with contacts at microtek can get some more information I would
    appreciate it as I can't really do anymore without some more info. (I'm
    sure Microtek are not anti-releasing source as I found source code on their
    ftp server for their scanners)

    I got quite into writing the driver and it was a lot of fun but after the
    last response I got a bit disheartened and have not touched it since. The
    driver is up on my website http://www.sgriff.com and should compile under
    2.4. It does a bit of camera initialisation and tries in various ways to
    get some streaming video but to no avail :-(

    If anyone else fancies hacking please have a go and let me know how you got

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