[PARPORT] OT: ATA Floppy geometry ... (fwd)

From: Joshua Jore (moomonk@linux.hard-wired.net)
Date: Thu Jun 22 2000 - 08:13:22 EDT

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    Ok, now this acct is a member. The hoops ya gotta jump through ;-)

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    Subject: OT: ATA Floppy geometry ... (fwd)

    Oddly this hasn't appeard on the list. Perhaps it bounced ... If this is a
    duplicate then just ignore it.

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    Subject: OT: ATA Floppy geometry ...

    This is off topic for this list so let me apologize in advance. I'm poking at
    the i386 bootloader code and I need to know how many heads ATA floppy devices
    present to the host computer. Obviously I've got an Imation SuperDisk and
    consequently I know it presents 8 heads. I'd like the same info on the Iomega
    Zip 100, 250 and Sony HiFD. You can get that info by running 'hdparm -g
    /dev/YOURDEVICE' and it'll report some number like 80/2/18 where the middle
    number is the number of heads. I've called Iomega but the tech support there
    didn't know what I was asking for. Or they seemed to expect me to reverse
    engineer some binary on their web site. It was an odd conversation and I
    certainly don't plan on doing that.

    So... any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Please respond either to the list or to moomonk@electricgod.net. electricgod is
    down or I'd just mail directly from there.

    Josh Jore
    (Again, not speaking for my employer)

    PS: I'll get to finishing off that epat.c sometime RSN.
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