Re: [PARPORT] Specify epat mode?

Date: Mon Jun 26 2000 - 11:02:16 EDT

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    I don't have the code in front of me (and won't for a few weeks) but
    epat.c does some initialization of the epat chip. Supposedly if the module
    were loaded and the chip was only partially initialized (or perhaps
    repeatedly software reset) then you may need to do a hardware reset.
    That's effected by disconnecting the parallel interface from the drive and
    the power for ~15 seconds, reconnecting the power and then the parallel
    interface. In general it's a good idea to remove the parallel interface
    since the epat chip is partially powered by some the pins (I don't
    remember which). The idea behind that is to allow the chip to enable
    passthrough even w/o the +5VDC applied.

    And I don't seem to recall the code for enabling faster modes was
    particularly robust. You would benefit by messing with your BIOS setting
    for your parallel port mode. You'll also want to take into account the
    signal quality so that means having a cable that isn't too short, has good
    clean connections and is using a quality cable. Also, the bus settling
    time is directly affected by pass-through devices. If the drive isn't
    connected directly to the machine do that first. If that doesn't work try
    disconnecting and pass-through devices from the parallel interface. Of
    course ... if your parallel driver chip sux ... you aren't going to get
    very far anyway.

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    An additional information:
    If I tried to load the pt module many times I can not even load it
    with the former working options. I have to power the tape down and
    pull the medium out and insert it again to be able to load the module.
    Is this normal?

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