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    This is autodetected on my machine but the autodetection takes some time,
    have you tried waiting several minutes?
    Failing that you need to specify sbpcd=0x310 if it's on io port 0x310. I
    don't remember having to set the irq at all, see the bootprompt howto for
    more info:

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    Again, I'm sorry for this not being the right list, but please bare with

    I was recently doing some searching on Google and ran across:

    Both claiming that the Panasonic CDROM 56* series is directly supported
    under Linux, if so how do I syntax the sbpcd= command on the installer?
     Any help on this inappropriate question would be absolutely appreciated.

    And anyone here know of a way to recompile the kernel in DOS or Windows
    3.1 to allow me to incorporate a newer sbpcd driver? This guy claims his
    new driver is better than that of the included. Or how do I see that
    driver in the Linux installer?

    Again, I have the information that the CDROM is on BASE IO 0X310, and I
    don't know the IRQ. I have tried many combinations to only show with
    many reboots from a machine that hangs in the process of trying to see
    the CDROM.

    Thanks again,

    Brian, (dmaul683)

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