Re: [PARPORT] tape backup with dd

From: James Mckenzie (
Date: Sun Jul 02 2000 - 22:57:11 EDT

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    Christian Eriksson wrote:
    > I've failed in restoring a diskdump (dd) backup. I'm running Red Hat 6.0
    > (kernel 2.2.5-15) on Intel and I have a HP Colorado 14GBe tape drive
    > attached to the paralell port. I'm loading the PARIDE subsystem as
    > modules (insmod parport;insmod paride;insmod epat;insmod pt). What I've
    > done is the following:
    I use TAR ie:

    tar zcvfr /dev/npt0 * from / as root. Then I listed the tape out using
    tar tvf /dev/npt0.

    James Mckenzie

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