[PARPORT] Re: HP Colorado 5GBe help URGENTLY needed:-)

From: Laurence John Oliver (joliver@iinet.net.au)
Date: Mon Jul 17 2000 - 12:00:12 EDT

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    Hi all,

    Had some problems posting to this list - so here we go again:-)

    Running: Toshiba Laptop with Red Hat 6.2 - and have a HP Colorado 5GBe
    external parallel port tape backup unit I *desperately* need to get
    working (yes, I *am* a backup freak - a habit I got into in the days
    when windoze was even *less* stable than it is today:-)

    After checking out the parport website I got some of the information I
    needed - about loading the paride driver, epat driver and pt driver -
    and found that by manually doing a modprobe command for all three I was
    able to get a response from the tape drive (i.e. it started accessing
    the tape in the drive) - this is the most success I've had thus far:-)

    When I try using 'insmod' for Paride I get the following messages:

    /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol
    /lib/modules/2.2.14-5.0/misc/paride.o: unresolved symbol

    However, there is no problem loading it using MODPROBE...

    ALSO: if I 'insmod parport' FIRST I don't get any of these error

    After this, I am able to 'insmod' (or modprobe) EPAT okay, then PT - at
    which point the tape drive starts to make some nice noises that sound
    like I've actually got somewhere...

    At this point, tail -f /var/log/messages reveals:

    laptop Kernal: paride: version 1.04 installed
    laptop Kernal: paride: epat registered as protocol 0
    laptop Kernal: pt: pt version 1.04, major 96
    laptop Kernal: parport0: PC-style at 0x378 [SPP,PS2]
    laptop Kernal: parport0: no IEEE-1284 device present
    laptop Kernal: pt0: Sharing parport0 at 0x378
    laptop Kernal: pt0: epat 1.01, Shuttle EPAT chip c6 at 0x378, mode 2 (8
    bit), delay 1
    laptop Kernal: pt0: HP COLORADO 5GBe, master, RO, blocksize 512, 2458 MB

    At this point I start thinking that I've made it - BUT, then I try to
    use one of my backup programs (KDAT, Taper, etc.) to try and USE
    /dev/pt0 as my backup device and nothing happens - although another tail
    -f /var/log/messages reveals this:

    laptop Kernal: pt0: Unimplemented ioctl 0x801c6d02

    Someone on one of the lists I've been lurking on suggested that I needed
    to actually MAKE the node '/dev/pt0' - so I tried this. Unfortunately,
    running the 'mkd' script in the
    /usr/src/linux-2.2.14/drivers/block/paride directory didn't work for me
    - for each of the mknod command lines echoed to the screen I got a 'file
    exists' error message...:-( So, the node had already been created...

    FINALLY (after modifying my PT insmode line to read:

     'insmod pt drive0=0x378,0'

    - I got a RESULT:

    I'm now at the point where one program (taper 6.9a) knows that I have a
    backup unit there - but believes it is mounted in READ ONLY mode - and
    comes up with errors whenever I try to do anything other than read the
    tape (even reading is limited because I don't actually have a tape
    formatted using this software to read:-( But at least it tries to do

    I *know* there is something more I need to do - to get my tape drive
    working - but DON'T know WHAT - HELP???:-)

    I would also be grateful for ANY tips re: software to use with the tape
    drive IF I get it working/etc. - I've had major problems trying to get
    FTAPE/FTAPE-TOOLS to even RECOGNIZE the tape drive - and even simple
    commands like: 'mt -f /dev/pt0 status' and so on come back with error
    messages like '/dev/pt0' invalid argument'...

    Many thanks in advance.

    John Oliver.

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