Re: [PARPORT] Re: HP Colorado 5GBe help URGENTLY needed:-)

From: J. Scott Berg (
Date: Wed Jul 19 2000 - 23:49:36 EDT

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    Hi all--

      I've seen a couple of these messages about tape drives go by, and
    I've been a bit too busy to respond.

      A while back I did a bit of work on getting some mt ops working. It
    was pretty easy, but I ran into trouble with figuring out conventions
    on writing filemarks (basically whenever a write operation 'ends' in
    some sense a filemark is written; if the write is ended by a write
    filemark, how many filemarks are written? Unfortunately the answer is
    1 or 2 depending on the driver: try it sometime with and ide drive
    using the ide driver and the ide-scsi driver). At least this is the
    confusion as I remember it.

      I had a patch that I posted to the list way back in early 2.2, but I
    think I screwed up the patch. I will think about resurrecting it in a
    couple of weeks when I get the time.

    On Thu, 20 Jul 2000, Laurence John Oliver wrote:

    > Thanks to the help/info from several people on this list I *finally*
    > have my HP Colorado 5GBe tape drive working (i.e. backing up okay) - but
    > the lack of any utils to use with it (it is ATAPI and things like
    > ftape-tools/etc. won't work with it) means that I'm still at a loss on
    > how to; ERASE, REWIND, etc...
    > For ERASE, someone has suggested:
    > 'dd if=/dev/zero of=/dev/pt0 bs=8192'
    > THIS command is *definitely* doing SOMETHING - but whatever its doing,
    > its been going for about two hours already and I'm wondering how long it
    > will take and if there is any way to use this command in a 'verbose
    > mode' so I can get some sort of status report/update from it...

    You're writing zeros to the whole tape, and this isn't the fastest
    device ever made (the parallel port interface doesn't help either).
    You could try a 32k block size, but that probably won't help. Is
    there a reason you want to erase the tape? It's not necessary in most

    As for rewinding, if you used /dev/pt0, the tape was rewound after you
    closed it last. If you used /dev/npt0, look into the mt command: the
    one mt op that does work is rewind if memory serves.

    > Also hoping that I'm not actually doing any damage to the tape (?)

    Nope, harmless enough.

    J. Scott Berg                 
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