Re: [PARPORT] IBM source

Date: Tue Jul 25 2000 - 09:47:17 EDT

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    Brian Preston wrote:
    > Hello, I was wondering if anyone out there can supply me with some name,
    > and maybe links, to a company/companies that sell external hard drive
    > enclosures, that run off of the parport. And how to get it running in
    > Linux. Basically I have an old, 210 meg laptop drive and would like to
    > create an external parport backpack hard drive.
    > Thanks,
    > Brian, (dmaul683)

    Tiger-direct ( sells Part II Research boxes
    that can convert an ATAPI device (HDD, CD, CDRW, Zip, LS-120) to
    parallel port (I believe their part number for this box is
    M128-1010). They also sell boxes for ATAPI to USB. The price range
    is $50 - $60. The box uses the Onstrean chip- I think the Linux
    driver module you need is on26.o (this currently works only with
    EPP ports, I believe). I have one of these and use it with an
    ATAPI CDRW- its works well once you get the PP set to the proper
    mode and speed.


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