Re: [PARPORT] Reading individual data pins from user-space application?

From: Jeremy Elson (
Date: Thu Jul 27 2000 - 02:32:56 EDT

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    If you use the user-mode of parapin, you can drop root privileges as
    soon as you call pin_init_user(). (suid-root is only needed long
    enough to gain access to the hardware by calling ioperm()). If you do
    this near the beginning the program will probably be relatively safe.


    Jan Prikryl writes:
    >I have already thought about using your code in case the ppdev
    >way fails (which it seems to). I just hoped I would get along without
    >actually forcing our users (who are unfortunatelly rather
    >unexperienced with linux) to compile non-standard kernel modules; and
    >I would like to avoid making the program setuid.

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