[PARPORT] HP 5200C: strage noise when starting

From: Hanspeter Grünfelder (hanspeter.gruenfelder@wuerth.com)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 02:45:41 EDT

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    My 5200C works well, but sometimes makes loud mechanical noices
    at the beginning of a scan. When I start my Linux box and start the
    first scan, the noices happens, all futher scans are regulary and
    don't have this problem. The same thing occurs when I unplug the
    scanner and start it again. But only the first scan is affected.

    My configuration:
    Linux RedHat 6.0, Kernel 2.2.13
    ppSCSI 0.90
    SANE 1.0.2 with hp backend 0.88

    The problem I have with alle frontends of SANE (i tried scanimage,
    xscanimage, xsane), it seems to be a bug in the very first
    initialization routine.

    Someone else made this expierence?


    Hanspeter Grünfelder Würth GmbH
    Tel. 0471 900 624 Enzenbergweg 2
    hanspeter.gruenfelder@wuerth.it I-39018 TERLAN (BZ)

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