[PARPORT] Backpack Cdrom Redhat 6.2 boot disk?

From: James Avery (avery@hedgehog.Colorado.EDU)
Date: Mon Jul 31 2000 - 07:39:06 EDT

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    I need to be able to boot from a Micro-solutions Backpack CDROM.

    I can run it in 6.2 using parport/paride/backpackxxxx.o/pcd where the
    backpackxxx.o module comes from the Micro-solutions web site.

    I've tried the nottingham 6.1 disks, and they don't work on this

    So what I'm trying to do is get the backpack module to be the bpck.o
    on the driver disk for 6.2. There is a paride.img in drivers on the
    6.2 CD, but it doesn't work. So, thought I, simply mount the image:
    mount -o loop paride.img paride
    go to the modules.cgz:
    zcat -dc modules.cgz | cpio -id
    replace the bpck.o, and reverse the process.
    But I can't: the cpio -o complains about truncated inode numbers, and
    the resulting driver disk doesn't load properly. It appears I
    cannot uncompress and cpio -i and then cpio -o and compress -- even
    if I don't change anything. I never was a cpio guru...

    This shouldn't be rocket science. I'll be glad to share this boot
    disk if anyone can help me make it...


    James P. Avery James.Avery@Colorado.EDU Associate Professor (303) 492.6310 Electrical and Computer Engineering fax (303) 492.2758 Campus Box 425 University of Colorado Boulder, CO 80309

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