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From: Jochen Eisinger (
Date: Fri Aug 04 2000 - 07:45:28 EDT

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    [Papp Balázs]
    > Did you find -Jochen- such device?

    > I has already been once or twice asked for such a
    > device so now I am thinking of designing one (if it
    > doesn't exists yet). The expected application was
    > also scanner reverse engineering. Are only scanner
    > manufacturers secretive?

    I checked out Conrad (the biggest electronics shop in Germany) and they
    don't have something like this. I also considered designing such a
    device, but I don't have how to do this.

    > I am thinking of
    > - a special paralell card that echoes I/O activity to a third computer
    > - a bypass box that can output bus signals and directions.
    > Questions to all of yours:
    > - are there any other-then-printer ports to monitor?
    > - do someone else needs such device?
    > - would you afford 100/200/300 USD for such a device? (Sorry but I have to buy components...)
    300 USD a very much, but if this device can easily dump the port
    activity (including ECP/EPP protocols), i'd pay it.

    -- jochen

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