Re: [PARPORT] IDE as parallel port

From: Erik Inge Bolsų (
Date: Sat Aug 05 2000 - 08:14:02 EDT

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    On Sat, 5 Aug 2000, ephemeron wrote:
    >I remember reading somewhere that the slower IDE devices (zip, LS-120) can be
    >connected externally to the parallel port. IDE devices are much cheaper than
    >their parport cousins. There is an obvious benefit to being able to
    >connect an internal zip drive (costs less by a half) to the parallel port.
    >Does anybody know how this is done? Or is this possible only through special

    You'll need to buy something like the H45 Quickdrive ( -
    basically a case with a special combined IDE controller and parallel
    port interface chip and a power supply. (It can handle two harddisks just
    fine - I've tested. It'll overflow the case, of course, which is made for

    Then, you'll need to use the kernel paride drivers. parport_pc + epat + pd
    (for harddisks and similar) + pcd (for cdroms) + pf (for zip, ls-120) + pg
    (cd-burners and similar)

    Note that over a standard modern parallel port, tha fastest you expect
    stably in my experience is 5-600 kb/s. In theory and when the moon phase
    is right, up to a megabyte a second.

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