[PARPORT] Internal IDE Superdisk LS120

From: Heriberto Höhlke (hohlke@ciec.com.ar)
Date: Tue Aug 22 2000 - 23:15:21 EDT

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    I installed an internal Imation Superdisk LS-120 as secondary slave
    IDE in a SuSE Linux 6.3 PC and it doesn't works.
    The question is, does internal IDE LS-120 works the same way than parallel
    port LS-120 does?
    I didn't found information about internal LS-120 in the documentation
    I tried:
       insmod paride
       insmod epat
       insmod pf
       mount /dev/pf0 /mnt/ls120 -t vfat
    and it reports 'device busy'. I don't have the logs here.


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