Re: [PARPORT] New to list

From: Dennis K (
Date: Wed Aug 23 2000 - 03:38:33 EDT

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    Greg Fundyler wrote:
    > Hi. I am new to this list. I am running Red Hat 6.2. I have an Avatar
    > Shark drive. I know how to access it, but it only works when I'm logged
    > on as root. When I try to mount from a different name, it says that only
    > root can mount.

    Do you have the drive in /etc/fstab? Else read the manpages for fstab
    and mount.
    I guess the line in fstab would be something like:

    /dev/pd0 /mnt/avatar ext2 noauto,user 0 0

    replace ext2 with vfat if it is a windows disk.

    I am not sure about the permissions line, but I think it is right if you
    want users to be able to mount it, and don't want it to be automatically
    mounted at startup.

            Regards, Dennis

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