[PARPORT] Two Parallel ports

From: Burness,Phil (pburness@foxboro.com)
Date: Fri Aug 25 2000 - 05:03:58 EDT

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    I have linux running with parport compiled into the kernel. I am using two
    parallel ports, LPT1 under windows is connected to a zip drive and if I do
    insmod ppa, I can mount and use this drive fine.
    I also have an epson 760c printer connected to port LPT2 under windows. I
    cannot get this to work under Linux. My questions are:
    what device is this port /dev/lp0 or /dev/lp1?
    do I need to add any parameters to the linux boot prompt to explicitly
    identify this port with the printer i.e lp=0x...
    If I do cat txt_file > /dev/port should I expect something to happen at the
    Any help appreciated.

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