[PARPORT] Re: 4008a pci parallel port controller

From: Tim Waugh (tim@cyberelk.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Sep 08 2000 - 04:08:40 EDT

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    On Thu, Sep 07, 2000 at 09:25:18PM -0700, Jason Cumiskey wrote:

    > lpr command with a text file with no results. I have also tried doing the
    > parport_pc with the 0xd000 base io but that just crashes Linux.

    (Just re-read your message.)

    Oh dear. If it's a complete hang (freeze) rather than a crash (oops,
    reboot, whatever), then it means it's probably the wrong address. So
    I don't know how their card works. The information I have suggests
    that the 0xb800 is the right one of the two, but parport_pc complaints
    about reading back different things than it's expecting in your dmesg
    output. :-(


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