[PARPORT] [patch] epatc8.c supported (at last)

From: Joshua Jore (moomonk@ns.electricgod.net)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 04:09:34 EDT

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    I finally got my act together and finished getting the epat c7 and c8
    support working. This patch consists of a diff against
    drivers/block/paride/Makefile and Config.in, and the new file
    drivers/block/paride/epatc8.c. epatc8 is a copy of Grant's current
    epat.c. I intend to merge the two at some later date but for now this will
    add an experimental option under the epat protocol in the menuconfig

    The only epat hardware I have is a 2x Imation SuperDisk drive with a c8
    and a 1x Imation SuperDisk drive with a c6 chip. Please, anyone with an
    epat chip verify that this works for you. Especially if you aren't using

    Thanks in advance,

    Josh Jore

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