[PARPORT] Re: ECP parport

From: Andrea Aizza (Andrea.Aizza@epfl.ch)
Date: Mon Sep 11 2000 - 05:50:14 EDT

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    On 05-Sep-00 David Dillow wrote:
    >> so what you are saying is that the ECP for example does not follow the IEEE
    >> 1284 standard? What I have to do is transfer data from a FPGA (I have to
    >> program) to a parallel port. I have developed the code to logically link my
    >> PC
    >> to the FPGA... hope the protocolo listed in IEEE 1284 is the right one (with
    >> negotiation/setup/forward-reverseMode).
    >> I will check the references you gave me. Thank you very much David.
    > Well, actually, I think it was adopted by 1284 -- you'll have to forgive
    > me, it's been a while since I've played in this space... there is code
    > in drivers/parport/ieee1284.c to handle ECP mode, so I guess it's part
    > of the standard.... :/
    > In any event, here's the specs I promised...
    > Enjoy!
    > D

    Hi David,

    I read them. Thank you for your help.

    There are some things I do not understand:
    1) in ECP mode the negotiation is done
    by the hardware chip or do I have to drive the signals to pilot the negotiation
    in software?

    2) the most interesting question regards 'how to I read (Peripheral to Host -
    ECP reverse mode)' in ECP mode? Is it enought to inport one byte from the ECP
    FIFO? Again in this case who is performing the negotiation for Forward to
    Reverse mode?

    Thank you and Best Regards,

    Andrea Aizza.

    Andrea AIZZA

    Swiss Federal Institute of Technology
    Department of Electrical Engineering
    Integrated Systems Center (LSI)
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    Ecublens, CH-1015 Lausanne (CH)
    tel. +41 21 693 69 73
    fax. +41 21 693 46 63
    email Andrea.Aizza@epfl.ch


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